Internet connection with
Palm Vx & Nokia 5210

Dramatis personae

Nokia 5210

The Nokia 5210 is a mobile phone with an internal modem and an infrared port. This is all I need to use it as a modem with my Palm Vx.

Palm Vx

Its infrared port should work OK with my mobile phone. Its operating system is PalmOS 3.5, which has a good support for infrared modems.

I think PalmOS 3.2 should work too, as long as you upgrade its infrared support by downloading some updates from Palm web site. Otherwise, you can buy an upgrade to PalmOS 4.1 which adds some new features, such as an integrated mail client and some phone drivers (useful if you want to send SMS from your PDA or if you want to synchronize the PDA address book with the phone address book).


I am an Italian Vodafone customer. Italian Vodafone offers the Internet mobile service: you dial the special number 3492002800 and Vodafone acts as an ISP. This service costs 6 eurocent/minute.

Palm setup

  1. Go to the home page.
  2. Choose the System category (look in the drop down list in the top right corner).
  3. Tap Prefs.
  4. Choose the Connection category.
  5. Tap New... and enter the following data:
  6. Tap Details... and enter the following data:
  7. Tap OK twice to get back to the Connection screen.
  8. Choose the Network category.
  9. Open the menu, tap Service and then New.
  10. Enter the following data:
  11. Tap Details... and enter the following data:
  12. Tap OK.