Euro coins collection

I started collecting Euro coins from all Euroland countries at the very beginning of 2002; I completed my collection at the end of May 2003.

Austria complete
Belgium complete
Finland complete
France complete
Germany complete
Greece complete
Ireland complete
Italy complete
Luxembourg complete
Netherlands complete
Portugal complete
Spain complete

My collection would have never been completed without the help of some people: I would like to thank my Internet friends Adriaan de Groot, Danny Cramer and Philippe Ozga.


What is this Euro thing?

Twelve countries of the European Union share the same currency: the Euro. The Euro was born on 1 Jan 1999, but it started to circulate only on 1 Jan 2002. Euro comes in two forms, banknotes and coins; while banknotes are the same in all Eurozone countries, the reverse side of euro coins varies from country to country. This is why I am collecting them!

If you want to learn more about the Euro and have a look at the different coins you should visit its official site.